Welcome to Pallas Tours and Lectures. We provide expert lectures and guided tours of Chiswick House and Gardens and Marble Hill House in Twickenham, two of London’s most iconic Georgian properties.

All tours and lectures are delivered by Ricky Pound who had the privilege of managing both properties from 1996-2014 for English Heritage. Ricky is considered an expert on both historic houses and he has published research on the symbolism within the art and architecture of Chiswick House and Gardens. In addition Ricky has delivered many hundreds of tours and lectures to numerous audiences including groups from the National Trust, the National Association of Decorative and Fine Art Societies, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Royal Academy,  the 1745 Association, the Royal Stuart Society. The University of the Third Age, the Sir John Soane Museum and The Richmond Society. Other groups include private members clubs, Members of Parliament, as well as a host of national and international universities ranging from advanced level studies to doctorate level (click beneath the ‘lectures’ tab to view some feedback for Ricky’s tours).

Ricky has also been interviewed for radio and appeared on television for his famous ‘Secret Symbolism’ Tours and was the leading contributor to the Chiswick House and Gardens entry on Wikipedia (under the name Chivalrick1)

Ricky is able to deliver tours tailored to your individual interests whether they are for research purposes or enjoyment.

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The website is divided into several categories, each navigated by clicking on the section titles below or from the website buttons at the top of the page:

*    Chiswick House: General introduction about Ricky Pound and       his experience.

*    Themed Tours of Chiswick House and Marble Hill House.       Includes themes of tours available plus prices and information.

*    Blog: Latest new, events and talks on Chiswick House and       Gardens and Marble Hill House and Park, together with a       availability of days.       

*    Lectures:Listed are a number of themed lectures on Chiswick

      House that may be booked, together with several testimonials       from previous group visits.

*    Research: Listed are the titles of several published articles       written by Ricky Pound on Chiswick House. Also included is a       paper on Batty Langley and his Masonic frontispiece to ‘The       Builder’s Jewel’ and large selection of recommended books on       the history of Chiswick House, Marble Hill House and related      subjects.   

*    Gallery:  Gallery of images of Chiswick House and Park and       Marble Hill House.