Below are a list of PowerPoint aided lectures that I am prepared to travel and present anywhere in London. The price for the lectures is a set £100. Each lecture is accompanied by many informative photographs on the topic in question. I have presented these lectures at institutions such as Strawberry Hill House, Marble Hill House, Chiswick House, the Canonbury Masonic Research Centre, Orleans House (as part of their Arcadian Thames exhibition), the Fairfax House Jacobite colloquium in York (2013), the English Heritage academic conference and many private groups. Each lecture lasts for approximately 75 minutes.

1. Arcadian visions: William Kent’s Gardens Designs at Chiswick, Richmond Gardens and Rousham.

2. Visions of Arcadia In Middlesex: William Kent, Richard Boyle and Alexander Pope’s contributions to Garden Design at Chiswick, Queen Caroline’s Gardens at Richmond and Pope’s Villa at Twickenham.

3. Statuary in Lord Burlington’s Garden at Chiswick.

4. ‘A Shrine to the Stuart Dynasty’: Lord Burlington and Jacobite Symbolism at Chiswick House.

5. A Masonic Temple in West London?’: Masonic design in the Art and Architecture at Chiswick House and Gardens.

6. Batty Langley and the Masonic Frontispiece to ‘The Builder Jewel’ and ‘The Hiramic Legend in the Painted Ceiling in the Red Velvet Room at Chiswick House’.

7. James Gibbs: Architecture & Politics (forthcoming 2018).

8. The Influences and Aesthetics behind the Landscapes of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown.

9. Masonic Signposts in the English Landscape Garden: The Case for Chiswick.

Topics for Seated Lectures